Members of Base Camp 2009† (L-R):† Steven van Heerden,† Sean Pautz, Donovan Lubbe, Sebastian Lokotsch, Ivan Haasbroek, Brandon Wilson, Daryl Impey, Blayne Wikner, Armand Herbst, Waldo Gronum, JC Nel


What a great start to 2009 being surrounded by a bunch of kids who are driven to be one of South Africaís best. The trip was a 4 day experience where our main aim was to show these youngsters what is like to be a professional bike rider.† Base Camp 2009 has chosen Sabie as our home for the 4 days and being surrounded by only mountains the guys were in for a tough challenge.

I was amazed at how the guys progressed on the camp and how much will and determination each of them have. I think the first day shocked most of them as they have never experienced climbs longer than 4km and now having to climb a mountain which was 24km long in 40 degree heat was something new to them and took them by surprise. I remember the one day was a really challenging day which was 140km long and the heat was incredible, I thought we would have some dead bodies to pick up but everybody stuck to their guns and put in a big effort and finished the day, nobody was thinking of giving up or holding onto the cars, which takes guts especially when the conditions are so tough. I was really impressed!

Our sponsors ( Tony Impey Cycles, Team Barloworld, Training Bible, Fit Sports, Continental, Massage Mania and Cycle Lab) had donated us some great prizes and these were awarded to everyone on our final evening. Special mention must go to Team Barloworld and Fit sports who were very generous in giving us Team Caps, Jerseys, Bangles, Bandana, socks, bottles and of course nutrition. Prizes were awarded to the following guys:

Training Bible Vouchers : Waldo Gronum, JC Nel and Ivan Haasbroek

Tony Impey Cycles Voucher: Steven van Heerden and Donovan Lubbe

Fit sports Hamper: Blayne Wikner

Continental Tyres: Armand Herbst

Massage Mania: Brandon Wilson

Cycle Lab Vouchers: Blayne Wikner, Sebastian Lokotsch, Sean Pautz

Hotspot Winners: Ivan Haasbroek, JC Nel, Brandon Wilson, Waldo Gronum

K.O.M Winners: JC Nel (Koewyns Pass, Godís Window)


Our riders had the chance to feel what it was like to be a pro rider and Alexandra went out of her way to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, from mixing bottles, to making food, massaging each rider and following behind us everyday making sure we were topped up with FIT Carbo Supreme and Water. She really put in 110% and I was very thankful she could take time out to give us a hand. Thank you!

Also special thanks to Ian Wilson, Jill and Frank Bezuidenhout and Jorge Faria for all your help and support in this years camp.

Lastly, to all those parents who allowed their kids to come on Base Camp 2009, thank you very much and we will definitely be having another camp in the near future. May all your kids wishes come true and may cycling bring them as much joy into their lives as it has done to mine. Happy cycling and watch this space for more info on the next one.



Special thanks to our sponsors who have made this event possible


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