Winning in Tour of Alberta
September 14, 2014  

Supplied by Daryl Impey from DarylImpey

A successful trip to Canada
I could not have asked for a better way to come back to racing . If you had told me that I would be winning , I would have said you are a little bit over ambitious . Then if you had to say the next two world tour one day races in Canada I would be there in the final and be able to lead out Gerro with the help of a fantastic team for the win I most probably would have told you that I don't think I have enough racing in my legs for that type of effort. And funny enough here I sit , on a plane after a very successful campaign in Canada winning the final stage in the Tour of Alberta and the Overall , 4th in GP Quebec with Gerro winning and then our team absolutely nailing the last race in GP Montreal to give Gerro a lead out for the win. What a fantastic last 2 weeks after a very difficult period for me personally. I can't thank my team mates enough for the amount of time they spent on the front and for looking after me so well, without them , no victory is possible.

While I kept my head focused and kept training really hard , the belief that the team has shown me has really pushed me through and the support from my family, friends and fans has given me so much motivation to keep trying and pushing to the end , so thank you to everyone. Our team certainly had a magical 2 weeks. 

Amazing what a whirlwind season this has been , I'm confident I can end the season strong and then look forward to focusing on 2015.