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    Next week it starts

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/11/06
    Holiday time is over. Off to Hazeyview to start my first week of training. Looking forward to the hard work ahead. Its been great time off the bike but itching to get back to work
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    2 races left

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/10/04
    Yup, season nearly over! One more week left of racing for me unless we get the invites to Lombardia and Piemonte. It hasn't gone too badly, but it would be great if I ended it like last season.
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    Training so far

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/07/06
    Had a great week doing 3hrs a day and this week aiming for 24-26hrs with one rest day!
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    2hr Blow out

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/06/15
    Well today I tested myself a bit, went out for a 2hr pedal! Forgot how hard cycling actually is, crawled up to my house at 12km/hr absolutely shattered haha! Tomorrow it starts all over again. After one "kick-in" the next one isn't so bad
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    Week 2

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/06/10
    In this 2nd week I have been pleased with my progress! Started doing 2 sets now instead of 1 set and I have doubled the time on the bike from 20min to 45min.
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    Important Month

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/06/01
    June is an important month. I need to make sure I'm doing everything right, looking forward to getting back on the bike and into the gym! Everything is set!
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    Gallery updated

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/05/24

    Look at my gallery for new pictures, even from 2003!

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    By Daryl Impey on 2009/05/20
    Well done to Base Camp's JC Nel and Ivan Haasbroek for getting selected to  be a part of the SA Junior Squad. Good luck, hoping you get selected for Junior World Championships.
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    Over Halfway

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/05/15

    Not too long now, 2.5 weeks till I start getting myself back on top form

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    Join Bike Pure

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/05/09

    I've recently joined Bike Pure, great initiative!

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    By Daryl Impey on 2009/05/06
    I must say it is very disappointing to hear about all doping scandals before the Giro.... Time for life bans
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    Rob bags the stage

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/04/24
    Great news here as I lie on my back, Rob Hunter won the stage today in Giro del Trentino!
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    After recovery

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/04/23
    After I have recovered I am going to have to start off in the gym to build up some strength first before I do any major training
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    Bed time

    By Daryl Impey on 2009/04/22
    Its been a hard few days in hospital but on the mend. I only have one thing on my mind and it is to recover.
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